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Mission Statement

At Baldwin Elementary School, I will Be An Inquirer, I will Be Principled, I will Be a Communicator, I will Be Reflective!

Welcome to Ed V.  Baldwin Elementary School. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the teachers and students as we strive to strive to implement Cumberland County Schools’ mission statement “To provide a safe and caring learning environment in which every student develops the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a productive life, to be successful in a diverse and global society, and to empower students to become lifelong learners.”


To accomplish this task will require that teachers, administration, students, parents, extended family, and community leaders work cooperatively together to ensure that every child leaves our school prepared for the next stage of their academic life.


As a parent, I wanted my children to have the opportunity to be successful in school and in life.  I expected them to work to their full potential and be an active, responsible participant in their education. I have the same expectations for every student at Ed V. Baldwin. I expect every student to work to his or her full potential and be an active participant in their education.  If we all work together, our students will have the academic success we desire for them.


Howard G. Higgins, Jr.





Baldwin Elementary School
Student and Parent: Information & School Procedures
School Hours For Students: 7:30 a.m.– 2:00 p.m.
Principal: Howard Higgins
Assistant Principal:
Office Staff: Maxine Lavallis, Amber Campbell, Dee Everitte,Jessica Manley
School Office Hours: 7:00 a.m.– 3:00 p.m.
Instructional School Day: 7:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
School Phone: 910.424.0145
School Fax: 910.424.7359
School Colors: Red, White, & Blue
School Mascot: Bears

Our Baldwin Elementary School Staff works hard to provide the best education possible for your
child/children. We take our job very seriously and know that we all must work together in order
for every child to be successful.

At Baldwin Elementary school we will be Responsible, Optimistic, Attentive, and Respectful.

School Goals: 2017-2018
We will continue to create a positive emotional climate through the PBIS program
Technology will be used consistently in all classes to enhance learning and develop 21st
century skills. We will ensure that all students are reading on grade level by the end of 2nd grade.

Beginning Of The Day
Classroom instructional day begins at 7:30 a.m. Students who are not in their classroom will be
marked tardy at 7:30 a.m. (Students arriving at school AFTER 7:30 a.m. must be signed in/checked in at
the office by a parent/guardian). Please note that Cumberland County Schools’ Policy states that
every six tardies will count as an unlawful absence. Also, any four tardies in a calendar month
count as an unlawful absence from school. North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law then
requires certain interventions by the school for any student that has accumulated three unlawful
absences total.
Cumberland County Schools does not excuse oversleeping, baby-sitting/caring for
siblings, missing the bus, personal hygiene issues, car problems, or living outside of our bussing
area. Doctor’s appointments will be excused with a note from the doctor’s office. It is a
parent’s responsibility to assure children are at school on time. Please plan for traffic delays as
the roads around Baldwin can be congested in the mornings, especially with the numerous road
construction projects occurring in the area.

Dismissal – 2:00 p.m.
All students will leave their classrooms at the 2:00 p.m. bell and report with the assigned staff
member to the buses or parent pickup.
Prime Time Program provides after school childcare on Baldwin Elementary School Campus.
Prime Time operates from 2:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. For more information, call the
Prime Time office at 678.2451.

At the beginning of each school year, parents provide information to the school concerning
dismissal procedures for their child or how their child is to get home each day.
Parents must send written notice of any changes to their child’s dismissal procedures. For
safety reasons, we cannot accept dismissal changes over the phone.

Baldwin School supports a healthy environment for children and adults.

Parents/community members are encouraged to visit our school. For security reasons,
all parents/visitors must report to the main office for visitor identification. This includes
parents with teacher appointments, parents/visitors eating lunch, ANYONE coming on school
campus during the day.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
Baldwin Instructional School Hours are 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Baldwin doors open for students at 7:00 a.m.
Baldwin Office Hours 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Please be aware:
• There is no supervision available before 7:00 a.m. Students may not be dropped off before
this time.
• Students choosing to eat breakfast must go directly to the cafeteria when they enter the
building. Breakfast will stop being served at 7:25 a.m.
• Parent drop-off is in the parking lot on the side of the school.
• Parents wishing to walk their children into the building must park in a designated space.

Traffic patterns for parents and visitors cars are as follows in the mornings:
Stop and Go –the very back oval parking lot is for cars to let students out while the parent
stays in vehicle at all times (this is the former bus parking lot).
Park & Walk – If you need to get out of your vehicle please park in the parking lot spaces
on the side of the school prior to getting out of your vehicle. Please make sure your car is parked
in a marked space.
Do not leave your vehicle in the Stop and Go Lanes unattended at any time.

Afternoon dismissal: Students and staff will stand by grade levels at designated places beside B
& C buildings. Parents will follow the directions of staff traffic directors.

Dress Code
Students dress (neat, clean, and good repair) contributes to our safe & orderly school
atmosphere, self respect, and supports positive “first impressions”. Students with questionable
dress/attire/appearance will be sent to the office to call home for assistance.
• All clothing will be free of offensive language (or pictures) relating to violence,
drugs, race, or sex.
• Blouses/shirts will cover shoulders & midsections – no spaghetti straps.

Please use a permanent pen to write your child’s name in clothing or items before
they wear or bring them to school so staff may quickly identify them and give
them back to your child as needed. (Inside labels or tags work well)
Head coverings (hats, caps, etc.) and cold weather wear are not worn inside the
All spray in hair coloring, hair wash/rinse/coloring, or hair styles which could be
disruptive to the school environment are prohibited at school.
Skirts & shorts are at or below fingertip length when standing – no biker shorts
Jeans/pants/slacks/shorts/shirts/shoes will fit the person wearing the clothes – no
baggy/sagging attire or too tight attire.
Closed-toe footwear is required for your child’s daily physical activities. NO
open sandals, heels or wheels on shoes.
Shoes that light up are a distraction and are prohibited.
Rolling book-bags are prohibited.

Electronic devices are not to be utilized at school. Parents may allow their children to have a
cell phone (at their own risk) for safety reasons, but it must remain in the backpack throughout
the school day. If a staff member sees, or hears a cell phone, it will be confiscated and turned in
to the office for the parent to retrieve it.

School Breakfast And Lunch

Cumberland CCCS Child Nutrition Services ounty Schools (CCS) Child Nutrition Services is excited to announce The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) will be offered in 56 of our schools for the 2017-2018 school year. The provision will enable each student enrolled in the participating schools to receive a breakfast and lunch at no cost on days when school is in session.  Students enrolled at participating schools
will not have to submit a lunch application to receive meals at no cost. Our breakfast and lunch program will begin on the first day of school.

Parents are encouraged to eat lunch with students in the cafeteria, but please remember to sign-in
in the office and get a visitor sticker before going to the cafeteria for lunch.

We will still offer other items that we selland you can use the link to add any monies to your childs account  K12 Payment Center.


Adult Breakfast & Lunch is ala carte.

A written excuse, stating the reason for the absence, must be sent to the classroom teacher on the
day the student returns following an absence.
State law allows for only the following reasons to be coded as excused absences: court
appearance, death in the family, deployment activity, illness or injury, or medical/dental
appointment. All other absences, or absences that occur without a note from a parent, must be
coded as unlawful.

Chronic tardiness, absences, and checking students out of school prior to dismissal have
enormously negative effects on student progress. Research has shown that students with 10 or
more absences have lower reading levels, enjoy school less, and have lower report card grades.
Most important, the largest predictor of a student dropping out of high school is absenteeism
in elementary school. Please notify the office immediately if you change your address or telephone number.

Tardy Students/Students Leaving School Early
All students leaving school prior to dismissal must be checked-out through the office by
the authorized person picking them up prior to 1:40 p.m. Picture identification will be required.
Students leaving school before regular school dismissal for an appointment must be checked-out
before 1:40 p.m. to avoid school disruption and disrupting dismissal procedures. Checking-out from
school prior to regular dismissal more than four times in one month or six times overall will be
treated as an unexcused absence.

Pupil Assignments
Parents should be aware that current pupil assignments are tentative. Changes are likely to
occur in the original organizational plans for the purpose of balancing classes based on actual
enrollment. Parents will be notified (if needed) as soon as possible. Requests for specific
teachers will not be honored but parent input forms are available in the front office from April to
June to allow for parent input in the class assignment process.

Withdrawal of Pupils
Parents are to call the office several days before a student is to be withdrawn from the
school in order for the teacher and the office staff to complete his/her records. Records will be
requested from the new school. All fees and monies owed for pictures, lunch, damaged or lost
books must be paid prior to withdrawal of student.

At times during the school year parents may feel they need to speak to the teacher,
staff member or principal concerning their child and school programs. We always welcome
the opportunity to confer with parents and offer our services. Please respect the teacher’s busy
schedule by setting up an appointment ahead of time.
In order to preserve the continuity of instruction, classrooms may not be disturbed for
personal messages to students unless there is an emergency. If a child needs directions for
after school, please make arrangements if possible with your child prior to leaving for school.
Changes in transportation cannot and will not be accepted over the phone for security reasons.
Please send any changes of transportation in writing to your child’s teacher.

Students will be allowed to use the phone in emergencies only. We ask that parents
contact teachers between the hours of 2:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. as this is when staff members are generally
free from instructional responsibilities and student supervision. In the case of emergencies, our
office staff will take messages and/or send messages to the staff member’s voice mail.

Emergency Data
It is essential for the school to have parents’ home, work, cell and emergency telephone numbers.
Any changes need to be given to the office as soon as possible. Your cooperation in this matter
is of vital importance.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent teacher conferences are scheduled as needed, however, you are encouraged to seek
additional conferences with your child’s teacher at any time during the school year. Contact
your child’s teacher for an appointment. Conferences are not likely to be held during the school
day from 7:00 a.m.– 2:00 p.m. as this time is designated as instructional time for the students. If your
schedule does not permit regular conferences in person, please let us know. We will be glad to
make arrangements.

Medicine will not be administered to a child unless a doctor prescribes the medication and
completes the CCS Physician School Medication Form which requires physician’s signature
and current date. All medicine must be in the original container with the prescription label. This
form is available in the front office. MEDICATION CANNOT BE SENT TO AND FROM
SCHOOL BY THE CHILD. Please make sure the classroom teacher is aware of any special
health information concerning your child and list information on the verification form.

Parent support and supervision of homework is an extremely important factor in building
positive attitudes and study habits which are essential to students being successful in school, as
well as later in life. If homework appears to be too difficult for your child and/or an excessive
amount of time is being spent on homework assignments, the classroom teacher should be
notified immediately.

Snacks and food sent to school during the instructional day for distribution to entire class of
students must be store bought and in the original package/container unopened with the list of
ingredients so that allergy triggers in foods can be avoided. Some classroom teachers allow a
snack time during the day. This snack provides sustained energy supporting focus and attention
to learning tasks. Please send a healthy snack – no candy, chocolate or sodas, please!
Even though we teach our children to share, we do not allow sharing food at lunch. (*This also
applies to sharing food as a snack unless given permission from teacher.)

Birthdays are special times for children and parents often wish to have their child share
refreshments with his/her class. Please send a note to the teacher to make arrangements in
advance. (*Do not send or bring party invitations to be distributed at school or while on school
campus. Parents should make arrangements to distribute their child’s invitations outside of

Cumberland County Code of Conduct
Teachers and administration at Baldwin School believe that an atmosphere of safety
and order is essential if learning is to take place. Each child will receive a Code of Conduct as
outlined by Cumberland County Schools. These are specific rules and consequences that each
student is expected to follow as set by the CCS Board of Education. Please read and discuss
the code with your child. School codes and rules are applicable on the school premises, on any
school bus or during any school activity, function or event on or off school property.

School Expectations/Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support
Baldwin Elementary uses a behavioral system called PBIS. PBIS is a proactive, data
driven, systematic approach to teaching behaviors. PBIS supports all students by:
• Teaching social skills
• Reinforcing positive behavior
• Creating healthy school environments (safe, predictable, supportive, positive)
Our goals are to use the system to reduce referrals to the office for behavior, student
absenteeism, instances of suspensions, and ultimately to improve student achievement.
Our PBIS team consists of the school administration, teachers from across the grade
levels, a teacher assistant who will provide direct support for the program, and a parent

Bus Safety
The safe transportation of our students to and from school is very important. Bus transportation
is a privilege that may be revoked at any time for unsafe behavior.
Incidents of misbehavior on the school bus that may result in a suspension of bus riding
privileges include:
• Failure to obey the driver
• Teasing and annoying the other students
• Shoving and pushing
• Objects thrown in or out of the bus
• Head and/or arms out of the windows.
• Profane or abusive language
• Vandalism
• Fighting/Assault

Texts/Library Books/School Supplies
All books/textbooks must be returned to the teacher in the same condition as when distributed.
If a student loses a textbook or other school property, he/she must report it immediately to the
teacher and/or librarian. If not found in a reasonable amount of time, the student will have to pay
for it.

Students in grades 3-5 are required to take the North Carolina End of Grade Test at the
end of each school year.

Field Trips
The grade level teachers will plan field trips. Field trip money is non-refundable.

Parents must fill out a Field Trip Permission Form in order for their child to attend the field trip.

Students who do not return a parent completed Field Trip Permission Form will not be allowed
to attend the field trip.

Awards Assemblies occur every nine weeks. Recognition will be given to students excelling
in Academics, and other designated areas as determined by staff. Teachers will send notices to
parents of special events at school, by way of their students.

What Can You – A Parent Do?
What can you a parent do to ensure that the education your child receives is the best your
tax dollar can buy?
One of the simplest and most pleasant ways to prepare your child for success in school is for you
and your child to read together. Establish a few hours each week when the television is turned
off and the whole family sits down to share the pleasures of reading and discussion. Let your
children know you are aware of what is going on at school and that you support them.

Parent Volunteer & Classroom Observation Procedures
Parents are WELCOME at Baldwin Elementary School. Parents are needed as volunteers
on a regular, reoccurring basis in the school (let us know you are interested in being a volunteer).
If you work and cannot volunteer during the school day but would like to help in other ways,
contact your child’s teacher, the office, or the PTA officers.
Parents are also welcome to visit or observe in a classroom. Please give your child’s
teacher 24 hours notice before coming to observe.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Supporting the PTA – Parent Teacher Association is a way of showing you care about
Baldwin Elementary School. Your time and participation will make a difference in our students’
success. Please get involved – we want you!

Parents of students in grades 3-5 can review updated grades for their child at the
CCS Parent Module.

Student grades (3-5) will be updated weekly by Wednesdays for parents to review progress.
Please take advantage of this opportunity to review your child’s progress as needed in between
progress reports and report cards. If you fail to find updated grades weekly for your child or if
you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher and/or
administration for assistance.

Parent/Legal Custody
When a student’s parents are separated or divorced, the issue of custody often becomes a matter
of concern for the school. In order to protect the child and the rights of the custodial parent, it is important that the school be given the most current custodial agreement (a photocopy signed by a judge). Please be aware that by law biological parents must be given access to school records and maintain the right to check out their child unless the school has a current custody order on file.

Section 504/Americans With Disabilities Act
No otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall, solely by reason of his or
her disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to
discrimination from any program or activity of the school. Qualified disabled students are
entitled to a free appropriate public education. Disabled persons who believe that they have
been subject to discrimination on the basis of disability may appeal to the person in the school
designated to hear said grievances. If still unresolved, grievances may then be appealed to the
school district ADA / Section 504 Coordinator: Ruben Reyes, Cumberland County Schools.

Search Policy
School officials have the authority to conduct reasonable searches and seizures in
accordance with Cumberland County Board of Education Policy 4342 – Student Searches.
The purpose is to maintain a safe, orderly environment and upholding the standards of conduct
established by the Board. A “school official” is a school administrator or a school resource
officer acting in conjunction with and under the direction of the school administrator. A search
of a student is lawful if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the search will turn up
evidence that the student has violated or is violating a specific law or school rule.
If reasonable suspicion exists as outlined above, searches may be conducted of a
student’s person, personal effects, including purses, book bags, outer clothing, wireless
communication devices, and motor vehicles subject to the requirements of the policy. Strip
searches are strictly prohibited. Periodic and general (not due to suspicion) inspections of desks, lockers and
other school-owned equipment may be conducted by school officials for maintenance or health/sanitation reason

Policy 4342 may be viewed by going here and typing “4342” in the search bar located at the top-right corner of the page.

Each family is offered an accident insurance policy at a small cost per child. An application
form will be sent home with each child the first month of school. If you want your child insured,
please follow the directions on the envelope form and have your child return it to school.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Students are provided technology resources to use for educational purposes. All users are
expected to use the computers and computer networks in a responsible, ethical, and polite
manner. All students and parents must sign an Internet Acceptable Use Policy form to be kept
on file at school.

Earthquake Safety Activities

Youth Emergency Preparedness Curriculum: Ready Kids


Published by TammySue McGee on January 1, 2018
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